We knew it was coming, yet still there’s a sting. The outcome was forecast, But now its happening. Reality sets in and truth must be met. The end of “us” my lowest point yet. Advertisements


Don’t go to sleep Tomorrow lies there. Another day gone Another begun Life on repeat The same song plays The melody familiar The tempo steady. Don’t lay your head Distract your consciousness The wonders of the age In the palm of your hand Eyes dry but weeping Cant rest, won’t stop Prevent the execution The…

Lists: Films

I’ll add to this list as I remember them or watch new ones I feel are worth including. They are in alphabetical order just for ease… Preface I should start this by saying watch ANY comic book film, yes, even Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern masterpiece lol. I will mention certain comic book conversions in the…

Parenting 101.5: Teenage Time

There is a quantum anomaly that can and does manifest itself all across the world at various times. It’s something akin to the theory of general relativity, well a part of it obviously… Time does not pass at the same rate for everyone. A fast-moving observer measures time passing more slowly than a (relatively) stationary…

1 Minute at a Time

As I turn my back on the empty space where you used to be, sleep abandons me to the cold void. My body exhausted, my mind races with no finish line in sight. Time is my enemy and my saviour. Years fly by me in a heartbeat as truths unfold in the dark of night.

I’m Sorry Son

I’ve seen other posts like this but today I felt it was time to write my own. Dearest 8 year old, Son No 3… While your brothers may be older than you, they have at least had a long period of their lives where they were innocent. When they obsessed over Monsters Inc and were…

My Shinklves Hurt

I recently downloaded a new fitness app on my phone: Nike+ Run Club. I have to say it’s actually pretty good and one of the few apps I have found that gives you a coaching plan to follow for free. It does have the odd thing that’s annoying but for the price (yes free!!) it’s…

A hand written note

“Please stop arguing and I wish we could be A proper family again”. The note you gave me, and your mum, as we sat, and we fought the old fight. A penny dropping hard from an extraordinary height. The thought that I’d had, that you’re coping so well, so far from the truth, it is…

2 Down 1 To Go

So, today was emotional. It may sound silly but it was my middle son’s year 6 leavers assembly this morning, his final day at Primary school. There were bound to be tears from kids and parents alike, but having missed my eldest son’s, I didn’t quite grasp how emotionally charged it really would be. The…


No anchor to hold me, no sails to drive me, no rudder to steer me. Cast off into a sea of emotion, unable to find my way, unable to plot my course.


Broken. Pieces scattered. Some missing. Some gone for good. Holding as much together as I can. Still not enough to keep it in though.

Unwanted Salvation

Need sleep but don’t want it. Exhausted yet fight it. Another night alone my fate. Avoid the stairs, they can’t help me. They lead to salvation… Who wants that!?