I year on I miss you Mum

Once upon a time there was a lady that I knew,
who lived to help her family and to always see them through.
She could deal with any hardship whether large or small,
and guide the people that she loved through any of it all.
She never really asked for anything from anyone,
was always there to give support and yet expected none,
she kept us all together and made me feel just like her son,
Elaine you were an amazing Daughter, Sister, Nana, Mum.

Never will I understand just why she had to leave,
unless it helps her children live that’s what I MUST believe.
There’s no other explanation that I can think of that would say,
why anyone so special would have to leave in such a way.
It’s been a year and still it hurts to think that she has gone,
a woman who helped so many it just all seems very wrong,
and yet it’s true, it really is!! it’s been a whole year long,
yet it seems just like yesterday the pain is still so strong.

I wish you hadn’t left us Mum, we’re less without you here,
the difficulties we faced before are faced with much more fear.
Without your help and guidance all the mountains seem so tall,
we have to climb without you here to catch us if we fall.
But climb we will and if we fall we’ll get back on our feet,
we’ll persevere and get it right and never will be beat,
and we will just refuse to quit when we’re heading for defeat,
cause that’s what you have taught us: No surrender!! No retreat!!

Even though I only knew you for the last 10 years or so,
I’m proud to call you family and will never let you go.
I Love your daughter deeply and will always put her first,
just like you taught me, selfishness will always show your worst.
I miss you Mum, I really do, much more than I can say,
you made me see things differently and helped form who I am today.
So raise your glass and give a toast to celebrate this day,
the glue who held us all as one, THAT they can never take away.

Happy Birthday Elaine, All my love always


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