Ante-Social Behaviour

Before you all leave comments telling me I can’t spell anti 🙂 please read on…

Social Media?

Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. – wikipedia

Ok so if you haven’t heard of sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter by now you must have been living in a bubble. Most of you that have heard of them are probably wondering what social sites that allow you to chat to friends, share video and so on have to do with your business, they are only used by young people with nothing better to do with their time and so on right? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but they potentially represent the biggest change in the way business is conducted since email was invented.

Social media for business

Social media is not something you can afford to ignore whatever your business model. Out there your potential customers are engaging in conversation, sharing their lives, tagging pictures and more, and you could be part of that. However, the buzz that is going on right now about social media is drowning out the whole point for some. They are getting lost in the hype and making very basic mistakes in the way they try to use it.

Social media is exactly that… social – would you begin a conversation with someone by telling them you can give them a discount on your products? Would your only conversation consist of what you do for a living and how you can help them increase their site traffic? No… well I would hope not, if so then maybe you should stop reading now. My point is people who are new to things like facebook fan pages, twitter and so on are not necessarily sure what they should be posting or how often and a lot simply go with what they know – their business.

Personally if someone bombards me with their special offers via facebook or twitter I cant get to the unfollow button fast enough. Social media is about interacting with your audience and making them feel like they know who you are and what you’re about not just what you do. They are much more likely to buy from you based on a recommendation than by seeing your advertising especially if you are tweeting nothing but sales pitches. For more info on this check out the following article from Twitter Fail: Why You Should NOT Just Keep Tweeting About Your Business. you will also find “twitter for business” and “best practise” links within this article which are also well worth a read.

So what about facebook? Fan pages are an important tool especially in a B2C business model and even more so now that people can tag brands and fan pages in photos. Again though it has to feel organic for your fans not just be sell, sell, sell!! Give them something to do – a simple poll about your product or marketing ideas, give them  competitions just dont tell them how great you are. Basically, make them feel like they are a part of your business.

Ante Up

So whats the Ante all about? well an ante is a forced bet in poker. Social media marketing comes with a similar forced bet – but it’s time not money. You really need to dedicate an amount of time every day to your social media, however small. Spend 10 minutes answering tweets or re-tweeting things you find of interest. Update your fan page with any news you have or anything you feel your fans would find insightful and make sure you dont make it all about you. Just partly!! YouTube, is a great way to drive traffic to your site with things like product demonstrations and advice on your industry – who knows it better than you right? Spend time once a week creating a 5 minute video about one of your products – they’ll mount up quick and if people see you understand a product or service they are more likely to buy from you. ~Check out this article on how to effectively use YouTube to the advantage of your business.

Now I’m guessing quite a few of you are thinking to yourself “yeah right, like I have time for that”, but there are ways to make it easier. You can link Facebook and Twitter to your blog and auto update them when you post a new article, similarly you can update Facebook from Twitter and so on.

Still not convinced? Then try these facts on for size… 3.5 billion (yes billion) pieces of content are shared on facebook each WEEK, 30 million tweets are sent out everyday on Twitter, 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, 14% trust advertising, 34% of bloggers post their opinions on products & brands. Check out this awesome infographic by derri_hasmi.

Social Media - Te Biggest shift since the industrial revolutionConvinced yet? You should be because if you dont get on board you will be left behind. Facebook and Twitter are really the big guns in this equasion but there are other social networks with specific niches. LinkedIn, the social network for business professionals, is to float on the New York stock exchange with an offer that could value the site at more than £1.8bn. If you are in a B2B marketplace then LinkedIn could be a better bet that the more retail focuses social networks but they still shouldn’t be ignored.

So get yourself to Twitter and sign up, see what it’s all about. Make sure you are harnessing the power of facebook as a way to find new audiences and ensure you dont miss out on the bandwagon, just make sure you keep it social. If it all still seems too much like hard work or too confusing drop me a line and I’ll do what I can to help.

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