miTunes Week 3

21st to 27th Nov 2011

OK hopefully you’re getting the idea of this by now – come on people its week three!! So I post a few videos which is stuff I’ve been listening to or reflects my mood etc for the week just gone. Shimples!!


ok so heads up for week 3 starting with…

Are you playing yourself?

Such talent in one so young – inspiring!!

Loving this guy – a fresh approach and a message in the lyrics

Just discovered these guys good MCs and a REAL DJ behind them too, nice.

actually prefer this more upbeat version to the album one but either way it’s a great track!!

miTunes Week 2

14th to 20th Nov 2011

Long version short I’m copying an idea from a guy I follow on twitter to list my tunes for the week. I tried one tune a day on twitter a while back but it got too time consuming. Anyhow if you checked out last weeks selection you would already know that, if not, Hello!! thanks for popping by.

for your pleasure I present:

One of the few guys who can cover Stevie and make it WORK!!

Awesome dubstep remix and amazing dancer

possibly the catchiest tune ever?? maybe not but still awesome!!

My boy Mystro giving away some free hip hop Mutha Luvas!

As the top comment says: “GUITAR GOD”.

miTunes Week 1

7th to 13th Nov 2011

OK so a while back I attempted to post a video to twitter everyday reflecting the music I was listening to or the mood, events that had been going on that day. However this became surprisingly time consuming and with my hectic schedule… yeah I’m busy, it became unworkable.

Then today this dude I follow on twitter @DigitalAdam – posted his tunes for the week. Genius I thought why dont I do that… vioala:

Love this guy listen to this over and over

Saw him live a couple of weeks back – phenominal

AKD blowing up soon brother!!

RIP Heavy D – Legend

Hope you enjoy peeps, if not… meh!!