miTunes Week 4

28th Nov – 4th Dec 2011

Week 4 is upon us!! A whole month of me banging on about the music I love and listen to etc.

How flippin self indulgant ha ha, well while I’m on a roll, this week is gonna be a little trip back in time to my formative years and some of the tunes that got me to where I am now.

I hope you like em, but not to the extent where it has any real bearing on how happy I am or if I sleep at night. 🙂

You know what to do…

Native Tongues were a big influence on me in my teens.. “Hold Up, Wait a Minute!!”

Proper House music from when I left school (Yeah I know I’m old)

Its quarter to eleven, it’s time to make some…

my oh my I love this track – late 80’s dance/house clasic!!

“Used to be so easy…” – pure class from Gary Moore RIP.

And when this came out – how things changed!!

Another huge influence on me in my late teens was this amazing guy who can play pretty much anything!!

Long one this week, and although these were about my past I still listened to all these this week cause for me they are timeless. So sorry to drag on etc but for me music is lifeblood.


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