miTunes Week 7

19th Dec – 25th Dec 2011

OK So when I was younger I tinkered with a little DJing and loved it!!

Aside from Hip Hop my second love musically is UK Garage without a doubt and this week I took a trip back to my spinning days and decided I’d take you guys with me… oh and Merry Xmas!!

Before UK Funky, Bassline & Dubstep there was… UK Garage!!

The tune that really sparked my interest in garage music.

Oh and this one obviously 🙂 this still rates today, when that bassline kicks in hairs stand up!!

Such a tune!! Always part of my set back in the day!!

Loved this track the minute I heard it, such an underated singer.

The original was amazing but so was this, bad ass bassline and the 1st track on his album – haaard.

Unlike most I much preferred this teebone mix of Fly By. Rinsed this tune LOL sick bass.

Cant sign off this week without mentioning this track – Booooo!!!

Longer than my usual weekly post this is still really just a taster of the amazing UK Garage scene that was about from the last 90’s and is still producing the odd gem even now. If you want to hear more check out my garage playlist on You Tube:


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