Language is in the ears of the beholder… or something.

To me language is a wonderful thing.
One minute language can make your heart race, the next it can have you on your knees in absolute desolation.
Language can be timeless and yet still at times have a relatively short shelf life.
The very best thing about language is that it evolves in the same way we do.

Sidenote: to all my Christian friends who want to argue about evolution etc: Sorry, but the 6 days thing just doesn’t wash with me … no it was 6 … he rested on the 7th, the guidebook says so. I respect your views but don’t share them let’s leave it there.

Anyway, over the last few years I have heard a number of new phrases injected into the English language, well new to me anyway, that I felt I had to share, as they were just too wonderfully fantabulous not to.

Where possible, and when the turgid mire that are my thought processes will allow, I have credited the people who introduced me to these amazing new pieces of grammatical joy!!

So I hope you enjoy and spread the love (and the language) to all your friends so these words can cement their place in our dialect and without a doubt our hearts.

Please note: some of these words are quite old and really just show me up for the out of touch old gizzard that I am. That is all. 🙂

Proof that language evolves


Being angry through lack of food – introduced to me by Comedian Simon Pegg via Twitter…

@simonpegg – My sister @katypegg just told me that I’m ‘hangry‘ (grumpy because I’m hungry). I would have laughed if I wasn’t so fucking hangry.


This was his follow up although his version is new to the urban dictionary…

@simonpegg – I’ve had an omelet now so I’m really fappy. … Fappy = full + happy.

His next tweet included another new word but I’ll let you decide on it’s merits – he was obviously getting some abuse from the pedantic language nazis on twitter for his previous comments…

@simonpegg – Language is mine to do with as I wish it is not administered it is a gift and I will not be dictated to by self appointed lingunts like you.


Another combo word which if you read the previous definitions on urban dictionary should be obvious… F’ing Ugly!! introduced to me by my Sister-In-Law Sarah – @S_I_E_P

Oh my god she’s so Fugly

I will from this point on attempt to limit the amount of bad language as I’m sure my Mother would not approve and you never know she may just read this one day 🙂


Was introduced to me by yet another tweep Julia Blyth and refers to work produced when a person is young…

@justrestmyeyes – Just been bequeathed good old pile of juvenalia, including “Storytime With Jules (Junior Psycho Edition)”

Gorps & Twonks

More twitteralia (no that didn’t make it onto the list mainly cause I just thought of it and its just a tad poop), this time from the legendary Athiest and all round lover of animals that is Mr Ricky Gervais. Gorps being those he deems too stupid to be allowed a smart phone smarter than they are and Twonks being everyone else.

@rickygervais – Rick you never retweet positive comments. Because the 1% Gorps provide entertainment for the 99% of all you nice smart twonks

As recently as the 9th of Feb Ricky actually posted the “Rictionary” (how many new words can he invent?) definition for Gorp…

@rickygervais – Rictionary definition GORP Noun: An offensively dumb person. A twerpulous gimp with confident opinions and actions that bypass cognition.

OK so this was just a bit of fun but there’s another side to this discussion. People like me who love the English language are also starting to piss me off a little.

I hear all the time “These kids with their text speak and slang are destroying the English Language”

I say, Bullshit.

OK yeah there are time when people use txt spk wen thrs no need 2 (see what I did there), but the technology of SMS and then even more so Twitter have fed this as there’s no going back believe me.

As for slang: do me a favour!! There always has and always will be slang used by the young that us oldies…OK, you oldies LOL, don’t understand and therefore feel threatened by. Add to this a serious demonisation of the young in the media these days and it just fuels this fear. That’s for another post to come soon though – it will be a doozie.

So, basically language evolves, get over it and get used to it, as it’s always been the case and always will.

Oh and if you really wan’t to hear what the youth of today are talking about, try this:


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