Musicologicalitarianism or Music and People.

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Yeah I know, no such word, but maybe there should be hey!

The idea of this post is to take a light-hearted but very serious, deep and philosophical look at the different types of people in the world and what music means to them.

This may or may not be common knowledge but there are two types of people in this world.

Those who don’t get music, those that hear music and those that feel music…Three, there are three types of people in this world.

People who don’t get music

OK, so people who don’t get music are not even on my radar. I don’t know them, don’t want to know them and quite frankly am not sure why they even exist.

Harsh you may think, but to me music is a big part of my soul. Anyone who doesn’t get music is missing some of their soul and is therefore inherently evil (please hear evil as if said by Dr Evil from Austin Powers, thanks).

So lets forget about them and move onto the people that hear music.

People who hear music.

There are two types of people that hear music… Four, there are four types of people in this world.

They are split into those who like music and those who love music.

The Likers

That’s it. They like music. They have all sorts of stuff on their iPod but generally tend to stay away from anything too edgy or inventive. People like different types of music and that’s fine. Each to their own. These people could quite easily live without music and should therefore, in my honest opinion, be slightly pitied.

The Lovers

These people are more my kind of people. They most definitely cannot live without music and nor would they. You can take their TV, you can take their home but…you cannot take their MP3 player, CDs and Vinyl (Winston Churchill Voice required).

Lovers again fall into two groups… Five, there are fi… oh sod it, you get the idea.

The Safe Lover

No, it doesn’t mean they feel the need to sheath themselves every time they pick up a pair of headphones. It means they know what they like and they like to stick to it.

These people will happily listen to their music for hours on end but, try and get them to listen to something out of their comfort zone and generally they fall back on the “that’s a load of noise” defense or “my music’s good and yours isn’t” type of shenanigans.

The Wild Lover

These people will listen to pretty much anything and will enjoy it. Not necessarily just for it’s clever construction or heart felt lyrics, but quite often just because they can see through to the core of the music and say “you know what, the person that wrote this meant every note and word”.

They generally don’t like anything that doesn’t carry a certain kind of sincerity to it. That doesn’t mean they only listen to music with a conscious content or whateve,r it just means they have to believe the person is making music for the right reason: the music.

The true believers of the church of Music.

These people go beyond hearing music and actually feel it within them. Often they are dancers or musicians themselves. When they hear music of all kinds they feel the need to understand it:

  • why was it made?
  • what else has this person done?
  • where can I get a copy?

These people get it.

Music is an art form. True art can talk to your soul in ways that other things can’t.

It can bring you to tears, if can fill you with joy, it can build a feeling within you that puts you on the edge of your senses, riding along like there’s no tomorrow and the world doesn’t exists.

For some it will be the string section of an overture, for others a baseline so low and dirty it makes Katy Price look like a saint.

To give you an example of those that hear and those that feel, compare people like Justin Beiber, Chreyl Cole and Nicki Minage/Minge whatever her name is (those that hear) to Prince, Michael Jackson or Jimi Hendrix. Watch any of these three perform live and you can just see the passion and emotion on their face as the words or notes are being released from them. They are on another level.

Anyone who doesn’t feel music will not understand how you can feel music. That’s cool though I’m not discriminating (except for those evil ones I mentioned at the start), I just think it’s a shame they will never know that feeling.

Some people don’t get that a song can sound like a bunch of noise if that noise is made with feeling and has some integrity to it. You don’t have to be able to understand it, or sing along to it to know there’s something special in there. You can feel it’s there.

I count myself fairly lucky that my Dad was a musician. He played piano like a rock and roll demon in his day (which he won’t want me to tell you was quite a while ago). This meant I grew up on Rock n Roll, and the idea of Rock n Roll appealed to me. Hell it still does.

You must understand, I don’t just mean the sound, but the ethos from back then. Everything was fresh, breaking new ground and creating shock-waves around the globe. It was anti-establishment and it wasn’t afraid to point the finger, make you dance, make you think and break the rules. I liked that.

I’m going to cover this in more detail in a another post but what it made me realise is that rock n roll isn’t a sound, it’s a feeling and it’s still present if you look for it. I grew up on a mixture of Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Beatles, Queen and (Sorry Mum, but you brought this on yourself) Cliff Richard. My own tastes then interjected and I found my own Rock n Roll in the form of Run DMC, Grand Master Flash and then later, De La Soul. I also found it in people like Altern8 and Roni Size, as well as the more traditional idea of Rock n Roll like Prince and The Who.

Mix all this up together and I like to think I hover somewhere between Wild Lover and True Believer. There are songs I listen to because I like them (LMFAO being an obvious guilty pleasure) and then there are some I listen to because they just speak to me in the right way at the right time (Cross Town Traffic by Jimi Hendrix, Buddy by De La Soul, Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles or I Need Air by Magnetic Man).

To be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way, but let me know which type you think you are.



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