A Perfect Day – Potsford Wood and Gibbet

Today Michelle and I went to Potsford Wood to see the Potsford Gibbet.

Now, I would like to point out that we have three boys who drive me mad, make me proud and fill me with love in equal measure. Today however they we’re with Grandma and Grandad.

Today life was returned to a time before Michelle and I had responsibilities.

Today was good.

Today the weather was like this:

Lovely day for ducks
Lovely day for ducks - my Dad would be so proud of me for that statement 🙂


Things like a bit of rain don’t worry us though, so today we went here:


Potsford wood takes a little effort to get to as there’s no where to park close by, but we didn’t let that stop us and we parked on a spare patch of land about 1/2 a mile down the road and off we trekked.

Today, this is what greeted us when we got there:

Potsford Wood
The entrance to Potsford Wood

Potsford Gibbet

The main reason we came here was to see the Potsford Gibbet which is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of the last man hanged there.

Today, sadly, he was not in attendance, but if you want to know more about gibbeting click here.

Today the only creatures here were myself and Michelle, oh and there were some Tits out and about:

Tits in the trees
Tits in the trees


They look like Tits of some sort but hard to tell as they were quite high.

We found the Potsford Gibbet quite quickly, it’s not far up the footpath, unfortunately there really wasn’t much left as you can see:

Potsford Gibbet
Potsford Gibbet


The plaque on the front read as follows:

Potsford Gibbet Plaque
Potsford Gibbet Plaque


Apparently Mr Snell was not a pleasant chap. Having killed 2 people, he was dragged up the hill and executed here.

Today though he was not feeling sociable.

I have to say, after us both being a little geekily excited at the prospect of Potsford Wood, it was a bit of a let down. Once you got further up the track there were signs saying private property keep out so you couldn’t actually get to the majority of the woodland itself which was a real shame.

So we made our way back down the track and on root saw this very obviously Male tree:

A rather excited male tree
A rather excited male tree


We then walked the 1/2 mile back to the car and the rest of the afternoon was spent pottering around until it was time to get the kids.

Then back home so Michelle could make dinner.

Today dinner was this amazing stew:

Amazing Stew by Michelle
Amazing Stew by Michelle


As you can see it was most welcomed and incredibly delicious:

the stew is no more
The stew is no more.


Today one of the best things was our soundtrack. Those who know me or read this blog (yeah right) know my tastes are somewhat eclectic but today was really Michelle’s choice and I have to say it was awesome:

The soundtrack to our day
The soundtrack to our day


Today for me the musical highlights were:

The last of these Michelle made her own words up to…
I know a girl and Ruby is her name,
her left and her right boob don’t feel quite the same.

Inspired I think you’ll agree 🙂

So why have I shared all this with you? Simple.
Things can sometimes seem very stressful. Money worries could be getting you down, working too many hours, things seemingly always bleak and so on.
Fact is though, I for one am luckier than many, so I know to count my blessings rather than worry about the things I don’t have or can’t change.

I have my Wife and Kids and my health. Not much else that really matters.

BTW if you want to follow my gorgeous and obviously very funny wife you can: JMEsuffolk


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