Dreams are not just for bedtime

dreams are not just for bedtime
dreams are not just for bedtime

Yes that’s right tumbleweeds I have returned to give you yet more content to roll past 🙂

Hey who said this was for anyone other than myself anyway?

So what to discuss?


Dreams come and go but lets face it very few of us really and truly chase our dreams, instead preferring to fall back into the realms of easy and comfortable.

Those who do dare to take on their dreams are often ridiculed and told “what’s the point you’ll never get anywhere” yada, yada, yada.

I myself have turned my back on dreams and to be honest I don’t regret the decisions as other things in my life took priority. Some you win, some you lose. Personally I think the trade off was easily a win for me but there you go. There’s still time for me to pursue some of them and pursue them I shall.

However without naming names, there are people I know who have dreams and who do not chase them or even contemplate chasing them. My wife thank god is NOT one of these people.

For various reasons she has learned that life is short and we must try to grab onto the best possible life we can and just ride the waves baby. She has a number of dreams and I for one intend to try and help her achieve as many of them as possible (and maybe even join in with a few).

The hardest step is the first, but once you take it the world opens up and all those things that seemed out of reach and unattainable are suddenly within grasp.

We have both wanted a green wing macaw (that’s a parrot in case you didn’t know) for years and now we have one. She’s beautiful and at just 20 weeks old is learning fast. Most people would have said we are mad to get a bird that is 3 ft long, when fully grown, and is like having a 3 year old who lives till she’s 80.

We don’t care.

It was our dream.

US 1 – 0 Dreams.

Shhh our little girl is sleeping
Millie our Greenwing Macaw


So what’s next?

Well, My wife is currently looking into a couple of other dreams,

  1. Medieval Sword fighting, YES SERIOUSLY!! how kick ass is that!!?? 🙂
  2. Doing some acting work or getting into the TV and Film business in general.

Still think it’s mad to chase dreams? Answer me this: when you go, would you rather say…

“Yes I had a good life, raised my children, left them a tidy nest egg, played for the local bowls club” etc.

Or, would you rather say…

Yes, I had a good life, raised my children, was in that film, you know the one with Tom Cruise and all the explosions? Yeah that one. I was also taught how to wield the sword and shield, fire the bow, impale a horseman on the halberd and have passed this knowledge onto my children so beware zombie hordes of the Apocalypse!! Oh, and will someone please stop the Parrot from eating my grapes, I’m dying here!!

Till next time people!!


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