Addictive Drug with Beneficial Side-effects: Mystrogen

MystrogenAll right Muthaluvas!?

To any who know where this term originates it will come as no surprise that the subject of this blog post is the amazing new drug Mystrogen. Quite simply “it’s like oxygen only you need it a whole lot more”, according to it’s manufacturer any way.

Mystrogen is a re-usable drug, costing a maximum of £10 depending on the form you decide to take it in, with side effects that can only be beneficial and really only include a wish for more stimulation.

Sound to good to be true?

How can a drug be re-usable?

Well it’s all about the type of drug that this is.

Yes that’s right people, I have now officially become not only a web-developer, blog writer, book reviewer and all round sarcastic smart arse. I am now also a music reviewer! Whoop Whoop!!

OK so the opening of this blog post may seem a little mis-leading but it’s all tied into the theory behind the album I want to talk to you about. An album which I thought deserved some special attention.

Some of you may know that I love music in general but my first true love is Hip Hop & Rap. Now when I say this nowadays most people conjure up images of what is really just pop music like the Black Eyed Peas, Tinnie Tempa, or god forbid Nicky Minaj.

sorry I threw up a little, happens whenever I say Nicki Mina….

OK moving on.

To me, Hip Hop is not just about laying down a few words that rhyme over a sampled beat and selling it to the kids to get them buying designer clothes and wishing they drove a Benz etc. To me Hip Hop goes way deeper than that and comes from a place of struggle. In the words of KRS One:

For me I remember 1981
When I first wanted to rap it was mainly fun
But Hip Hop was made to run
So them dudes that think it’s all about money their day will come

KRS One – Just Like That

That’s why as soon as I stumbled onto a UK Hip Hop artist my the name of Mystro, A.K.A. MysDiggi, I knew I had found a rapper from the UK who could truly stand up and be counted as one of the great Hip Hop MC’s.

Now after more than 12 years in the game he has finally released his Debut album, I know, crazy right!

This guy is so well respected within the industry. If you need proof just listen to “Essence” by Logic & Last Resort where his name is dropped in the same sentence as Rodney P and Hijack. Yet he is relatively unknown in the big world of music that deserves to hear his words.

So what makes him so different?

Well the best way I can describe him is as a “One Man UK De La Soul”. He doesn’t take himself too seriously but still has a point to make in his lyrics. He is consistently putting out material that’s smart, funny and relevant and yet still knows how to have fun with it unlike many MC’s it seems these days.

So After all these years does the album stand up?

Simply: Yes.

There is something for all hip hop fans on this album. There are the upbeat bouncing tracks “That Rush” & “Worry Dem” which features Junior Reid. Both of which will keep your head nodding throughout.

The smooth summer vibe of “Hooked” is just sooo mellow, featuring the vocal talents of Daniel DeBourg and seemingly giving the impression that Mystro is a threesome loving Ladies man. In actual fact it’s about the three main vices in his life. What are they? I’ll leave that for you to work out.

There’s the hilarious track Neighbours which tells the tales of the block in which our hero lives, especially one family next door who’s kids give him a beat down for “allegedly” stealing their baby brothers bib.

“Routine Cancer” sounds to me like more subtle version of his raw and righteous track “Cokkadoodledoo” released not long before the album. Taking a swing at the industry in general and those within it who chose, in Mystro’s opinion, and to be fair, mine too, the wrong path, along with those who fake their interest to further themselves.

The masterpiece though has to be Mystentatious in which Mystro uses… well honestly I gave up counting, but LOTS of place names from Scotland to Shepherds Bush to bring a tale to life in ways that deserve huge respect for his lyrical talents.

From start to finish this album shows just how versatile Mystro is so please don’t just sit there readin this, go find his music, check him out on youtube and then go buy his album and his mix tapes.

Guys like this need the support they deserve.

some links below folks.

Mystrogen Album Sampler

That Rush Net Video

Mystro’s Website





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