This Year: 2013 Year of the Sort-That-Shit-Out-Sunshine regime

Holy Mierda we’re still here!!

OK so it’s 2013, the Mayan prophesy was totally mis-understood as it was not in fact a prophecy but just a change in their calendar. I liken it to worrying that the world is going to explode because it’s now 2013… mainly because that’s exactly what it was but for Mayans. Oh, and yes, I know Mierda is Peruvian, but the swearing website I found didn’t list Mayan ok!! Sue me.


I have decided to name and shame someone this year into getting their shit sorted out.

This person is ME!!

Yes, I have decided that there are a number of things I want to achieve by the end of this year and that if I put it all down in writing on this blog, where it definitely can’t be edited or deleted, ahem, then everyone else will also know what my intentions are and can berate me, cajole me and generally take the piss if I fail to achieve them.

“Why would you do this to yourself?” I hear you say. Well the answer is simple: If I don’t make it difficult for myself to not do it, it just won’t happen.

Life has a funny way of creeping past while you’re busy emptying the ash pan from the fire or picking up after the dog in the pouring rain. Before you know it yet another year has gone by and those things you’ve had on the back burner are still there and quite frankly they are starting to look like they could talk to you given enough electrical current passed through them

So I figured the best way to motivate myself was to put it out there and say to everyone, here’s what I want to achieve, if I don’t do it you c

an kick my arse (metaphorically obviously).

So read on dear reader and feel free to let me know what you think / tell me your plans for the year etc.

The List

    1. One pound (British coin)
      Look after these bad boys and the pennies can do one.

      Finances – this will be the year I get them totally under control. No more “oh shit I forgot we have to tax the car” or “Michelle can you make a 3 course dinner out of beans, a lettuce, 3 pitta breads and a can of golden syrup?”. She probably could by the way.

    2. Start Saving – related to above but will take even more thrifty ways to achieve it. In this climate? Wish me luck!!
    3. Fitness – let’s face it I aint getting any younger. The big 40 is just around the corner and I am probably the least fit I have ever been. The most exercise I get these days is the long walk of shame through our office to the toilet and back. So I will regain my fitness, tone up a little and who knows maybe even start doing martial arts again?
    4. Swear Less – I swear far too much. I plan on swearing less… this will be difficult I have 3 boys. They are all insane and enjoy winding me up.
    5. Shout Less – please see above.
I’m the one in the chicken suit definitely not shouting
(Photo credit: kimba)
  1. Write a book – I have a few ides that I think would make a pretty reasonable book. I have this guy as inspiration: Craig Sennett, who has now finished his second book even though he runs a successful business and is 2 years younger than me. Bastard 😛
  2. Play More – Right!! Minds out of the gutter please people. I mean play with my kids more. By the time I have come home from work, stopped them from killing each other, laid table, cleared table, done dishwasher, emptied fire ash pans, built fires, done homework with them and had 5 minutes to say hello to Michelle they are off to bed. We don’t play enough and I intend to fix it. (see below)

    Be Organised – Generally I need to organise my time and myself better so that all of the above can be achieved. I also need to be strict with myself and not allow distractions as I am a little like the dogs in Disney’s “Up” when they see a squirrel… only with internet based learning and trivia etc… not squirrels. Although now I think about it, if I did see a squirrel I would probably stop and watch it… SEE!!!??? grrrr.

So anyway, I think that’s about it for this year. No Bungee jumps or anything of that ilk. That can come later when I have these achievements under my belt.

Actually no, really not that interested in bungee jumps full stop.

Good luck to all with your own plans for the year and keep reading to see how I get on.

Cheers and Beers people!!


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