13 today.
How time has flown.
My greatest pride: to see you grown.
No longer a child, but to me, still so young.
Yet it seems that now your teens have begun!
There’s less talk of dolls and fairies and toys, and for me far too much of parties and boys.
Of make-up and hair and who-fancies-who.
Our little Girl no more; a young woman through and through.

13 today.
How long will you stay?
13… then 18… then off and away?
No longer a child but always our baby.
A tomboy?
A shy girl?
or a prim little lady?
How will you turn out?
Just who will you be?
I honestly cannot wait to see.

13 today.
Seems like yesterday, when I stood in the lobby of that place far away.
No clue to the scenes that would play out that day, apprehension and fear standing in my way
Eventually called through to be by your side, with Mummy so scared, my fear hard to hide
Your Mum was amazing, how she brought you to me.
My daughter so beautiful and formed perfectly.

13 today.
A girl like no other.
You always remind me of the strength of your Mother.
The way that she coped with your birth when so young, a strong woman like the one I hope you’ll become.
So kind and so loving and beautiful too.
I know these are traits we’ll attribute to you
So be just like Mummy, I know that you will, and proud as I am, I’ll yet be prouder still.

13 today.
With beauty and brains.
A future ahead of you with goals and aims.
Sixth form and Uni or straight out to work?
Staying out late till we both go beserk.
A family of your own? A husband… or a wife?
As long as you’re happy, after all it’s your life.
We’ll guide you, even if you might think it’s unfair.
If you need us, we’ll be here, to help and to care.

13 today.
I awake from my dream, and suddenly all is not how it had seemed.
I listen for laughter and the sound of your voice, then reality sets in and I’m left with a choice
Do I mourn and be sad and ask why us again?
Do I cry and get angry?
Take it out on my friends?
Be harsh on the boys and make Mummy feel sad?
Or try to see positives and try to be glad?

13 today.
13 years gone.
Born and then taken, not with us for long.
A baby so longed for yet stolen away, 13 years ago this very day.
No chance to be hero.
No prom night worry.
No trip up the aisle, trying not to hurry.
My princess for always but no chance to be queen
I wish I could change things but life can be mean.

13 today.
13 years at rest.
13 years of not being able to tell you what’s best
13 years of not having cuddles at night.
13 years of no laughter, no fun and no fights.
13 years of missing someone without knowing them well
13 years of hurting, hurting like hell.
13 years sweetheart, I miss you my belle,
See you one day my Emily
till then…
sleep well.



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