In the Thicke of it

Robin Thicke at the DNC convention on August 2...
Robin Thicke at the DNC convention on August 29, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK so by now you would have to have been living in a cave to have not heard the new(ish) song by Robin Thicke; Blurred Lines.

This is quite probably the catchiest song of the year and has stormed to number one in the charts in countless countries. Every time I hear it I find myself humming along for ages with the tune refusing to leave the dusty attic which is my brain. The rest of his album in fact is pretty good – disco and funk inspired soul music really and it’s very listenable.

So, what’s the problem?

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Keeping it in the Family

My Wife's Grandmother
My Wife’s Grandmother

It’s now been a week since we said goodbye to my Wife’s Grandmother.

She sadly passed aged 82 after spending a couple of months in the hospital and having been diagnosed with Lymphoma & Leukaemia.

The funeral was short but well suited and even I, who was not terribly close to her, shed a tear at her passing.

It’s strange though, as I found myself more upset for those around me than myself; My Wife and my children (especially son no 2) as he is 7 and having held out for 15 minutes finally succumbed to his emotions. Also My wife’s siblings and cousins who all had very different relationships with their Gran, yet were brought together in sorrow by this single event.

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Yours forever… Me.

OK, currently writing/struggling with another poem which I may or may not share depending on how it turns out.

In the mean time, this was something I wrote when my Wife’s Grandfather passed away after spending many years in a nursing home.
This was quite a few years ago now but I think it’s one of my better ones so I thought I would share.

To give you love; to give you thanks is why I now say this,
I have to leave; I cannot stay no matter who I’ll miss.
It simply is my time to go, it’s time for me to rest,
and all your love I take with me, for that I feel I’m blessed.
I’ve seen you all maturing, and growing through the years,
and now I know it’s safe to leave, so do not shed your tears.
I’m tired of fighting illness, and struggling to stay,
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Do You Really Like It?

Today I had the day off as it was induction day at High School for my Eldest (*sigh*, how frickin’ old do I feel!!).

So, Michelle and I took a drive and on the way we listened to a classic UK Garage track from back in the day:Β DJ Pied Piper & The Masters Of Ceremonies – Do You Really Like It.

Now I have listened to this track… maybe… 100 times or more, but today for the first time we heard a lyric which suddenly gave us reason to laugh out loud. Continue reading “Do You Really Like It?”