Yours forever… Me.

OK, currently writing/struggling with another poem which I may or may not share depending on how it turns out.

In the mean time, this was something I wrote when my Wife’s Grandfather passed away after spending many years in a nursing home.
This was quite a few years ago now but I think it’s one of my better ones so I thought I would share.

To give you love; to give you thanks is why I now say this,
I have to leave; I cannot stay no matter who I’ll miss.
It simply is my time to go, it’s time for me to rest,
and all your love I take with me, for that I feel I’m blessed.
I’ve seen you all maturing, and growing through the years,
and now I know it’s safe to leave, so do not shed your tears.
I’m tired of fighting illness, and struggling to stay,
so don’t be sad I’m leaving, just be glad I had my day.

My life was full of moments that stay with me even now,
the good times and the bad times, the laughter and the rows.
The wonder of three children, that make me oh so proud,
the apples of my eye, the silver lining to my cloud.
I also have grandchildren, that make my proud heart swell,
Kerri, David, Tom, Leanne, Michelle, Allan and Luke as well.
Great Grandchildren I know I’ve missed, and yet I’ll watch them play,
the two I’ve missed already I will join and there I’ll stay.

I’m leaving for a reason, all be it hard to comprehend,
but the underlying truth is that my life has reached its end.
My life was overwhelming me and all control was gone,
but now I’m free, there are no constraints, and no need to hang on.
And though my hearts not beating, my love will never die,
you’ll know that I am with you without opening an eye.
You’ll feel me with you at all times, forever by your side,
an ever open door for you, in me you can confide.

I know the pain you’re feeling and I know that it will fade,
I’ve been where you are right now and I know you wish I’d stayed.
You must look to tomorrow, there is no real need to cry,
you know I’m always with you so don’t treat this as goodbye.
There comes a time for all of us when we leave for places new,
but life begins a second time, it will do the same for you,
and when you’re feeling lonely and wish we weren’t so far apart,
remember this and smile for me, I’m forever in your heart.

To all of you I say this, do not mourn me now I’m gone,
I want you all to celebrate, the life I led lives on,
in you my friends and family, the people who I’ve known,
we’ll always be together, you will never be alone.
So as I go to start a fresh and meet with friends of old,
remember all these words I say and remember what I’ve told.
One day we all will meet again and that’s how it should be,

you’ll always have my love with you.

Yours Forever,



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