Four Percent Normal

Hi Folks, it’s been a while… So, I’ve been thinking, what is normal?

From an incredibly young age we are bombarded with images of how we should look, what clothes we should be wearing, what music is cool, and more to the point, what really doesn’t fit in with the “norm”. I for one though, am all for NOT being normal, if normal means not being an individual and not being who you want to be because of fear or embarrassment.

In school, life is all about fitting in or avoiding those who point out you don’t. Peer pressure is immense and it can be very hard to not give in to keeping in with the “right” crowd.

My wife and I encourage our boys to be whoever they want to be, to not just follow others like sheep. I think this is something that can be hard to do, evident from the other less independent parents in the playground passing around disapproving looks as our child turns up to school in a hat made by elves!!

OK so that hasn’t actually happened… yet… but give it time.

What I am trying to say is that normal is a concept that changes with time, religion, race, in fact pretty much every conceivable difference that can be found between us. So why are people concerned about it?

Religion has always demanded conformist behaviour from it’s followers, whichever religion you may follow (with a couple of exceptions) and a lot of what is called “normal” nowadays at least in the western world is driven by the age old scriptures (or at least their interpretation of them) by the Christian church.

King James BibleI have read the bible, well most of it. I went to Sunday school, was in the boys brigade, and there are some great things which come from this book. Love thy neighbour, thou shoult not kill and so on. However homosexuality has been around for thousands of years and yet people use the bible to say it’s against the word of god. Well surely if god made us all, he made some people gay, no?

Homophobia is still rife in the world from the southern states of america through to Russia and people still don’t understand that it’s not just a choice!! I have friends of every sexual orientation and as far as I am concerned this is nothing new and nothing that should be treated as wrong or different. They are human beings who love each other in exactly the same way straight couples do. As a race though we fear what we do not understand, what isn’t “normal” and some people clearly do not understand a damn thing.

On a slightly different tack, when was the last time you saw a calendar that didn’t run from 1st of January to 31st of December?

I saw one today and it ran from Yule to Yule, that’s the 21st of December in case you weren’t aware. That might seem like something ridiculous, but to me it’s yet another way we are told how things should work and the way we should run our lives.

This calendar features not only the solstices but also celebrations such as Lupercalia, Cerealia and Samhain. “So what” I hear you say, well, to some these dates are not just dates but important ceremonies and celebrations. People who run their lives to the beat of mother nature. People who don’t conform to the “normal” ways of worship.

If I said to you that before I took some trees out of my garden recently, I gave an offering of bread and milk, and warned the trees a few days before hand what was happening to give the spirit of the garden time to withdraw from them, you would probably think I was mad yes?. Why?

Moses spoke to a bush and apparently that was all well and good cause it spoke back….

As children we believe in everything!!

Dragons, fairies, unicorns, leprechauns, monsters and the like. This is slowly beaten out of us by “reality” and the “normal” life that goes on all around us. The life that is, in the main, driven by the media and money men of this world.

Dragon-2Tell people you still believe in dragons and fairies and people will laugh and tell you there’s never been any proof they ever existed. Tell people you believe in god and they say “yeah ok”. There’s so much documentation to support the word of god though right? Think about all the cultures that have dragons in their history from the Norse men to the Chinese, are you sure they have never existed?

I’m starting to ramble a bit now so lets try and bring things back to the point shall we?

My Wife recently took a test on the omnipotent oracle that is Facebook. It was titled “How normal are you?” She scored 4%. Four percent normal and she was a little worried.

I thought it was fantastic, who the hell wants to be normal I said 🙂

Bottom line, you should be who you are, believe what you will and just be happy as life is too short to pretend.


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