When asked what he wanted for his birthday my youngest showed zero hesitation.

“A Piano!!”

He already has one of those kids ones with the light up keys and the never ending series of mind numbing, demo-mode tunes of joy. However this time he wanted the real deal.

My wife has an electronic keyboard which she will pull out of the cupboard every six months or so and tinker away on with he kids for a few hours but this has really only ever been a reminder of the fact that both she and her Mum had wanted an upright piano and had always been denied.

My dad played professionally for most of his life and he’s offered to let them have his old electric piano and amp, but the lure of the upright was just too strong (think death star tractor beam strong).

Enter ebay stage left!!

Piano piano

Now, we have decent size place, however we’re also both hoarders and therefore my first thought was “where the fark would we put an upright piano!?”

Undaunted my wife bid and unbelievably won an upright piano (Iron frame from the weight) for the measly sum of 23 of her majesty’s finest pounds!!

With the help of a couple of friends, the removal and re-attaching of the sellers front door, copious amounts of curse words, sore hand and muscles and our dining room being turned on it’s head the piano has now found it’s new home.

2 of the keys stick, one doesn’t even reach the strings and the top end sounds like it’s deliberately trying to emulate the late great Les Dawson.

Even with a strip of carpet under it our wood floor has been damaged dragging it through the house (goodbye deposit) and I suspect that there will be times to come where a sledge hammer will start to look very appealing!!

With a tune up and fixing the floor I suspect £23 will become 10 times that or more… The look on my 6 year old’s face when he got to sit down and tinker with it though will make it all worthwhile.


Our new piano

I really hope he can stick with it the way I never could.

If not, who cares. Its music waiting to be made and we saved it from being smashed and burned.

Besides no one gets fed up of playing chopsticks or a really bad 4 bar blues right?

Moral of the story?

When it comes to bringing music into your kids lives, do whatever you have to. Give them the opportunities to not bother, they might just surprise you 🙂


Next month: My ten year old and his new Axe (people still call guitars axes yeah?)



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