Play That Funky Music White Boy

It was recently our middle son’s 10th Birthday and following on from the Piano theme of my last post, we decided to also get him a musical instrument as we did his brother.

He already had a kids guitar, which, to be frank, was shocking, and he said he would like a proper one and he is learning the basics at school so my wife contacted a friend of hers and we bought an electric guitar from him along with an amp.

The Axe Man Cometh

It’s a lovely guitar, not really what I would call a modern looking style such as the fenders etc, more along the lines of an older 50’s style with the wider bottom end and a gibson-esque neck and headstock. The model is a Dean Evo 2000 (see the image below).

Dean Evo 2000 Guitar

He loves it and with the addition of a stand and new strap he’s already made it his own.

Now we didn’t pay full price for this as it was second hand and in fact the guy we bought it from, a good friend of my wife and the dame in this years panto (not really connected but I thought worth sharing), has also offered to give him some lessons, so we may soon be able to start a band (I like to think they’d be called Handsome rather than Hanson).

Our eldest had guitar lessons at school as well but never really got “into” the music per say.

Our youngest two seem to be a much better bet for learning to play, gigging around, being spotted, getting famous and keeping us in the style we are definitely not accustom to… no pressure honest 🙂

Variety is the spice of life

Now you might think as he’s getting into his guitar he might become a little predictable in his music choices but no!

He’s at the age now where music is starting to be something he’s interested in general not just to play and he’s finding his tastes differ from mine and his older brother’s (a big influence obviously) which is really cool to see.

Although he hasn’t started buying his own music yet he has raided my mp3 collection for his new player (another birthday gift) and the different styles he has chosen have quite frankly astonished me. Here’s a bit of a break down.

First out the crate (ok laptop) was The Beatles. He was introduced to them via singstar and LOVES them!! 6 Albums added including the new(ish) Love album, Sgt Pepper, Revolver and the No 1s album.

Next he wanted some Dubstep. Big bro is into his Skrillex (of which I own none) but I did manage to hook him up with some Butch Clancy remixes and some Magnetic Man and DJ Fresh.

Speaking of Mr Fresh, we then progressed onto Drum n Bass and he went for more DJ Fresh, Chase & Status and High Contrast.

Next he wanted some more chilled out music so Massive Attack and Jack Johnson made an appearance followed by Jack Penate and Jamie Cullum… yes Jazz!!

A little known funk-rock group called Rootjoose came next followed by the off beat caterwaulings of They Might be Giants and then some ska-esque Rhythms from The Cat Empire.

His penultimate choices were from the more pop / folk world of Ed Sheeran (incidentally also the name of his class at school) and the camp high-pitched fun-stick that is Mika.

To finish off he went with the complete legend that is Mr Jimi Hendrix.

It’s a sin

Now I know pride is supposed to be a sin but how could a father not be proud of his son for such a diverse and eclectic series of albums for his first MP3 player?

I’ve always prided myself (there I go again) on my wide ranging taste in music and it looks like my son is following suit, I should point out however, we totally disagree on which songs from the Magnetic Man album are the best. He hates all the ones I love except I Need Air.

Well you can’t win ’em all right?

Till next time readers I bid you adieu.


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