Sweet Little Sixteen

I know you’re ultimately lost in
the sands of time they say,
but what really vexes,
is how they took you away.
the things that hurts us truly,
the thing that seems so mean,
we never got to say goodbye to,
Sweet Little Sixteen.

Sweet Little Sixteen,
I wish that I could have,
about a half a million,
reasons to smile and laugh.
Don’t even have a picture,
it’s so hard on your Mum,
your love for us requited,
another year begun.

Please help your Mummy,
try to let her know,
that in dreams she can see,
our baby live and grow.
Honey help your Daddy,
cause all I ask of you,
is that you tell me you’re gonna,
be there when I go.

Cause many misunderstand,
there really is no way,
that they can expect us,
to be ourselves today.
Because our hearts were cruelly,
torn apart at the seams,
the day we lost our,
Sweet Little Sixteen.

I wonder how much we can stand,
as our memories replay,
I hope that you’ll protect us,
and guide us on our way.
Help us both get through this,
with touches all unseen,
how I wish I could play with,
my Sweet Little Sixteen.

Sweet Little Sixteen,
there’ll be no grown-up blues,
short dresses or lipstick,
no kind of high-heeled shoes,
and tomorrow morning,
we’ll once again pretend,
without our sweet sixteen,
and hearts that never mend.

No birthday cake with frosting,
no presents or play,
no letting your guests in,
to celebrate your day.
The only thing we can do is,
pray that you’re now serene,
our sweet stolen baby,
our Sweet Little Sixteen.

For Emily, our angel who left us too soon 16 years ago.

The originals not bad either… Chuck Berry – Sweet Little Sixteen


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