The Essence of it all

Dear old Friend, I’ve let you down, I wish we’d kept in touch.
I wish I’d seen your pain in time but now I cant do much.
You’ve left our world and moved away, but you left us way too soon.
So now I write this to remember you, from your days in the main room.

We met way back in the Essence days when you thought trance was king.
With you and Louis playing house, and garage being my thing.
The days of Vinyl, spinning tracks, bass lines at the Attic.
Jungle too from big man Stu, our lives were never static.

The music was the glue for us, the thing that held us tight.
Playing tunes and partying hard every weekend night.
Woodville Road crew, hands in the air, we hoped it wouldn’t end.
Seems a lifetime ago now though, it’s hard to comprehend!

Essence went from strength to strength, Kartouche was next in line,
but underneath the happy front you were already showing signs
that things were not quite as they seemed and darkness had set in,
recreation taking hold, the battle you couldn’t win.

Some of us could flick the switch, cope with day to day.
For you though it was harder, it stopped being fun to play.
Those who tried to help you out, tried to give you time,
you pushed them all away and told them you were doing fine.

The saddest truth I see though is the love that’s now so clear.
From family and friends alike we all wish you were here.
Whatever end befell you Ben I’ll always see you young.
The cheeky smiling DJ not the stranger you’d become.

For me the Essence of it all is thinking back to when
we’d spin the tracks and dance all night, then do it all again.
All go back to Woodville Road and crash out on the floor.
I hope that when we meet again, we’ll hit the decks once more.

RIP Dude.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh, My heart. Beautifully done.

    1. Psy says:

      Thankyou that’s very kind.

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