2016: a year to forget for many,
more and more people forced to keep pinching pennies.
People using food banks to keep their family fed,
hung heads, starving kids in their beds, if not dead.
And instead of helping more they make cuts to the poorest, to the needy,
let their fat cat friends stay greedy.
They can’t deceive me, they’ll screw us to the wall please believe me
and make sure you fight back even if it’s not easy.
Help a friend, give to those who can’t defend themselves or those they love
and be part of the solution let’s rise above.
Make a change, build community or volunteer,
and try to actually have a happy new year.

Far too many legends lost, too many to say,
Leonard Cohen, Alan Rickman and the Eagle Glenn Frey.
The one and only Prince found dead in a lift,
an accidental overdose such a waste of his gift.
Ronnie Corbett, Terry Wogan and Muhammed Ali,
The 5th Beatle George Martin, writer Harper Lee,
Victoria Wood, Gene Wilder, Andrew Sachs,
Pete Burns, Kenny Baker and Bowie wont be back.
Keyboard wizard Keith Emerson, Rick Parfit from the Quo,
Paul Daniels lost his Magic and George Michael had to Go Go.
To round it all off we lost a Princess and a Queen
Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds rest in peace sweet dreams.

Not just legends died though there were innocents galore,
Donnell Thompson, Jo Cox stabbed and shot on the floor.
Little Ahmed on the sand, his lungs full of water,
imagine it was your son, or your baby daughter.
Yet in Syria and Yemen we bomb and we kill,
fighting wars that are not ours money driving us still,
and the rich just get richer and the innocent die,
why the fuck are we still like this it just makes me wanna cry.
Thanks to Syrias bombardment and ISIS’s advance,
there was mass migration which gave zealots the chance
to show their colours and blame immigrants for all our problems,
diverting our attention from the ones who could solve them.

While they argued over migrants saying not to come here
they kept on bombing mums and babies just increasing the fear
they lived under, cities plundered, children dead in the streets,
justified as necessary for ISIS’S defeat,
and as Boris and Farage told the UK to get out,
Brexit was the cry, “No more Muslims” some would shout.
They’re not children said the Mail, “Cost us Millions” the Express,
so we voted and they won, now our currency’s a mess.
The PMs quit and Mays in charge and the right call all the shots,
we never voted for this woman yet she’s sitting at the top,
and the government are watching now the snoopers has been passed,
yet no one’s kicking up a fuss because they simply can’t be arsed.

As our crumbling freedom’s being pissed up the wall,
most dont notice the Orwellian curtain has begun to fall.
Racism is marching, zealots are on the rise,
blindly follow pumpkin Trump with hate blazing in their eyes.
US cops are killing black men, without hesitation,
clearing peaceful protests from their sacred reservations.
More join The Klan and the Alt Right push their hate,
these fascist fucks are antiquated 50 years too late.
Yet still they gain traction cause the media feeds
all their ignorance with fear till their countrymen bleed,
take my word shit is coming and it wont end well,
minorities beware the white supremacist hell.

Personally too this year has been one to forget.
An old friend left early, lack of contact my regret.
The house that once was ours has now become mine,
and our kids go back and forth splitting their love and their time.
Dads ill and I’m wondering how many months he can borrow,
as Mum tries to cope barely hiding her sorrow.
He’s upbeat about it saying what an innings he had,
but I don’t care, cause I still don’t wanna loose my Dad.
Money wise, things are tight and they’re only getting tighter,
have to hope I can get past it so that 17 is brighter.
Like the shark I’ll keep swimming to make sure I don’t drown,
Keep my head up and not life and it’s bullshit drag me down.

So what now? What’s to come? Will this year be better?
Time to look to the future, never been a regretter.
Whatever’s passed has passed and I’m lucky to be a Dad,
I have my health, my home and 3 boys who drive me mad.
Family and Friends caring and a job I enjoy,
so I know whatever comes I wont let it destroy,
my sense of thankfulness for the life I’ve been given,
there are so many worse off in this world that we live in.
So what I say to you is this, as January moves on,
try to look to the positives, and try to stay strong.
Even though last year was rough in life’s infernal machine,
keep your chin up, raise a glass, enjoy twenty seventeen!


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