Parenting 101.5: The Never Drying Bedclothes 

Ok so the kids and I got back a bit late from their Mum’s tonight after she very kindly made us all dinner and youngest went on first bike ride!

I then realised to my horror that all their bedsheets and PJS were in the tumbledryer… still not dry.

Aaaahhhb Crap!!

Right sorry boys but you’re gonna have to stay up a bit later

Obviously this was greeted with happiness type smiles and a return to various hand held devices etc.

So 30 mins in and my youngest lays down and nods off on the sofa.

Another 30 mins later and tumbledryer finishes.


No result! Bloody stuff is still damp.

So on it goes again.

1 hour later and it’s still not dry!?

So now I’m thinking they’re just gonna have to sleep on top of blankets or something with their naked coverless duvets on top.

Hey all us patents have been there before right?

Usually after a fairly liberal vomiting session from one of our little darlings that has exhausted our supply of covers in the space of about 20 minutes?

So anyway, with this in mind I go to the airing cupboard and what do I find?

Not 1, not even 2, but 3, yes,3 spare feckin duvet covers!!!!

11.15pm kids beds thrown together and kids thrown in them.

Middle son asks where his onesie is, “In the tumbledryer” I say. OK he says looking sad (and a bit cold). Gets in bed and goes to sleep. I get eldest sorted and head to my room where on a drying rack I see….

yes you guessed it!
Son 2’s onesie and it’s dry!

Me: “Are you asleep yet mate?”

Son 2: …

Me: guess so

All in all, probably a good 7 on the 0-10 parenting fail scale.

Oh well at least they’re all safely tucked in bed now unlike some!

Gotta be positive! 🙄


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