Parenting 101.5: Vomit Zombie

The smell of regurgitated pasta and tomatoes.

Nothing quite like it.

Especially at 10:45pm, then 11:20, 12, 12:30, 1:30 and 2am 🙂

All followed up by an unfortunate follow through at 7am this morning.

My youngest is the target of the dreaded lurgy but unlike his eldest brother at least he listened to my advice.

I always say to the boys: “If you’re gonna be sick, DO IT ON YOUR BED!!”

I mean it goes without saying that if you already have a bowl that should be the target for your vomit, but if it’s the first round and you’re caught unawares, always, ALWAYS!! throw up on your bed, preferably on your duvet.

Might sound obvious but it’s a lesson my eldest struggled with.

In fact even when he had a bowl at one point he still chucked up over the side of his bed, and his brother in the bunk bed below, and the floor, and toys… yeah you get the idea.

If it’s not obvious why by the way, try pulling up your carpet/floor boards and putting them in the washing machine after they’ve been vomited on 😉

Anyway, today I am officially a vomit zombie.

One of those zoned out parents you see wandering about with a glazed look on their face and a faint wiff of vinegar and defeat.

If you see me out today, walk the other way 😂

I’m off to treat my washing machine to another round of vomit covered bedclothes having only just got the bloody things dry!!

Till next time.


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