Decision Decision

Decision time.
A choice to make.
The right one please, for everyone’s sake.
Try again?
The battle of old?
Or fight new battles? Let fate unfold.

No easy answers.
There never are.
Both ways will hurt, leaving a scar.
Need to be honest.
Need to be true.
Pain is inevitable, whatever we do.

No point in what ifs.
Too much has transpired.
No more fence sitting. No matter how tired.
This cycle needs breaking
The route must be clear.
Both of us moving regardless of fear.

Old issues surface.
Face them we must.
How do we deal with the problem of trust?
Can it be dealt with?
Is there a way?
Maybe it’s too soon, too early to say.

So what should we do?
Let fear be our guide?
Ignore all the warnings ensuring we hide
All our true feelings deep
And Ignore all the doubts
Hope that we find a way to sort it all out?

Or should we just quit
Live as two not as one
Chase fate and discover what we will become
With space as our buffer
and friendship our aim
Maybe then we’ll be happy and as friends well remain.

Either way this needs sorting
Its gone on so long
Its really all grey, there’s no right and no wrong
Just two people who struggle
To make the right choice
So time to speak up and give the future a voice

We must talk and decide
And then choose our next steps
Life is too short to both live with any regrets
So lets just get down to it
And see this thing through
For the boys, for ourselves, it’s the right thing to do.



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