Parenting 101.5: If they catch it, so will you

When you become a parent there are a lot of things they don’t tell you.

Some good, some not so good.

For instance:

  • Baby wipes will clean pretty much anything off of anything! There are exceptions… see below.
  • Projectile vomit can reach across an entire room.
  • Poo will work it’s way up to your child’s neck given the chance!
  • Your children will fill your home with more things than you thought possible… “What? No! I wasn’t about to throw away this lovely dried pasta hedgehog you made 6 years ago that now has something on the corner that resembles food but could also equally be excrement”
  • They will at times make you tear up with sheer pride and love even if you think you’re a real hard man… which I don’t btw.
  • Nothing gets tippex out of carpets… trust me… not even baby wipes.

The other thing they dont tell you, is that when your children start school, in fact all through their school years, they basically become carriers.

Carriers for every cold and vomit inducing bug known to man… and probably some that aren’t.

Some won’t even affect you, some you’ll get in mild doses, but some… will knock you out!

So, after VomFest 2017 on Friday night it was no massive surprise therefore that come Sunday afternoon I was the one sat on the toilet hurling into the washing up bowl on my lap!!

Also not a surprise that their Mum came down with it today!

My middle son was patient zero.

He seems happy enough to wear the mantle as well the little bugger.

Got to love em.

So remember, be ready to bear the brunt of all your kids passed on bugs or invest in a hazmat suit.

Choice is yours πŸ™‚


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