No anchor to hold me,
no sails to drive me,
no rudder to steer me.
Cast off into a sea of emotion,
unable to find my way,
unable to plot my course.

No land to be seen,
no birds in the sky,
no perception of time.
Yet time passes,
and still I find no answers,
following a map unclear.

Rough seas behind me,
rougher seas ahead,
all I can do is hold on.
My ship rolls and pitches,
as the waves of our relationship,
batter against the sides.

What’s to become of me?
Can I reach the eye of the storm?
Can I reach those calm waters?
A place of tranquillity,
paradise found,
my ship moored in safe harbour.

Or will the waves break me?
Break us, for good?
Our friendship the only survivor,
if the life raft still works.
My ship smashed to pieces on the rocks,
marooned, doing what must be done to survive.

Into the storm,
no clue where I’ll end up,
or the crew that could be lost en route.
Batten down the hatches,
hold on tight,
and hope for safe passage.


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