I’m Sorry Son

I’ve seen other posts like this but today I felt it was time to write my own.

Dearest 8 year old, Son No 3…

While your brothers may be older than you, they have at least had a long period of their lives where they were innocent. When they obsessed over Monsters Inc and were more interested in watching peppa pig than playing street fighter.

Because you do have two older brothers, by the time your Mum or I get back from work and cook dinner and deal with all the other crap thrown our way by them, the preservation of your innocence becomes so much harder to maintain.

For that…

I’m Sorry!

I’m sorry that you’ve not really had that innocence since you were about 6.

I’m sorry that we have very few photo’s of you as a baby when we have thousands of your eldest brother.

I’m sorry that you’re wardrobe is made up of 70% hand me down clothes, some of which even feature unknown stains from that time your brother couldn’t keep his food in his mouth!

I’m sorry that you know what Aliens are, what Predator looks like, and are not really phased by either.

I’m sorry that you know many lines from Rick n Morty.

I’m sorry that the first game you ask to play is Call of Duty or Assassins Creed (Even if I wont let you)

I’m sorry that you know most of the words to most of the songs from The Book of Mormon

I’m sorry that you have always had to share a room with at least one if not both your brothers (although you do now have your own room at your Mums at least)

I’m sorry for all the times you’ve heard ‘hang on a minute’ or ‘not now’.

I’m sorry that by the time you reach any of your teachers they have already decided you are your brothers clone

I’m sorry that you had to wear your trainers for the last half term of school because we couldn’t afford new school shoes thanks to buying your brothers new uniform for high school.

I’m sorry your bed has also been used by both your brothers and your mattress is padded out with an old duvet cause it ‘s still good for another year right?

20170729_173315.jpgI’m sorry that you think a great little big planet costume is a pair of boobs and a pretty large penis (comparatively speaking)…oh and a unicorn horn to top it off!! … maybe that’s just all boys?


I’m sorry you’ve never had a holiday, let alone been abroad.

I’m sorry you never really knew your Nanna. She was amazing.

In conclusion… I’m sorry.

However, you are easily the most independent and strong minded little individual I have ever met, which is both heart warming and frustrating in equal measure.

So maybe you’ll be ok in the end.

Love you buddy. xxxx



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