Why I Write

I have been asked recently by more than one person why my blog is just so damn depressing. Why don’t you write something happy? I can see what they’re saying. When I look back over my posts it would be quite easy to get the impression that I am a manic depressive who struggles to…


Too much time spent in tears. Chasing happiness, running from fears. No more time to waste, days too few. Time to look to a new point of view.

A Spoonful of Haiku Makes the Medicine go Down

Supercalifrag ilisticexpiali docious, sang Mary. Footnote: I have zero idea why this occured to me but it made me chuckle so… 😄 Additional Footnote: This is my 100th post… not sure it’s exactly the centennial post I had envisaged, but what the hell 😉

In My Blood

So I heard this song on the radio the other day and it just spoke to me. I’m not a massive Shawn Mendes fan but he spoke about how he was inspired by Kings of Leon and I think it shows in the song.

I Have A Low Haiku

Low doesn’t cut it. Everything seems like hard work. Im tired of hurting.


I’ve never felt so empty. The light inside me; gone. The wish to reignite it diminished. How did it all go wrong? Now there’s a piece missing. I don’t think I can get it back. Every time I break a little more. Expose yet another crack.

I So Miss My Boys

The house is so quiet, a distinct lack of noise. The energy’s left here. I so miss my boys. The floors have no radiance, the walls sound hollow. No longer a home, just a house, full of sorrow.