Parenting 101.5: Teenage Time

There is a quantum anomaly that can and does manifest itself all across the world at various times. It’s something akin to the theory of general relativity, well a part of it obviously… Time does not pass at the same rate for everyone. A fast-moving observer measures time passing more slowly than a (relatively) stationary…

Parenting 101.5: Vomit Zombie

The smell of regurgitated pasta and tomatoes. Nothing quite like it. Especially at 10:45pm, then 11:20, 12, 12:30, 1:30 and 2am 🙂 All followed up by an unfortunate follow through at 7am this morning. My youngest is the target of the dreaded lurgy but unlike his eldest brother at least he listened to my advice.

Parenting 101.5: The Never Drying Bedclothes 

Ok so the kids and I got back a bit late from their Mum’s tonight after she very kindly made us all dinner and youngest went on first bike ride! I then realised to my horror that all their bedsheets and PJS were in the tumbledryer… still not dry. Aaaahhhb Crap!!