I saw this and just really liked it. I’ve known people who needed to hear this and never could… I really wish they had.

Why I Write

I have been asked recently by more than one person why my blog is just so damn depressing. Why don’t you write something happy? I can see what they’re saying. When I look back over my posts it would be quite easy to get the impression that I am a manic depressive who struggles to…

In My Blood

So I heard this song on the radio the other day and it just spoke to me. I’m not a massive Shawn Mendes fan but he spoke about how he was inspired by Kings of Leon and I think it shows in the song.

I’m Sorry Son

I’ve seen other posts like this but today I felt it was time to write my own. Dearest 8 year old, Son No 3… While your brothers may be older than you, they have at least had a long period of their lives where they were innocent. When they obsessed over Monsters Inc and were…

My Shinklves Hurt

I recently downloaded a new fitness app on my phone: Nike+ Run Club. I have to say it’s actually pretty good and one of the few apps I have found that gives you a coaching plan to follow for free. It does have the odd thing that’s annoying but for the price (yes free!!) it’s…

2 Down 1 To Go

So, today was emotional. It may sound silly but it was my middle son’s year 6 leavers assembly this morning, his final day at Primary school. There were bound to be tears from kids and parents alike, but having missed my eldest son’s, I didn’t quite grasp how emotionally charged it really would be. The…

Memories of loss

I woke up this morning feeling fairly ok, but then I read something which made me into captain grumpy. I should explain that the content was not what upset me or made me grumpy. No, in fact it triggered a memory that I didn’t even realise I was recalling. A memory I didn’t consciously think…

Goodbye Prince

I sit here in shock and disbelief. Few artists had such an effect on my late teens and early 20s as Prince did. Now he has passed aged just 57. 2016 in general seems to have been a fucker of a year in terms of losing legends but for me Prince was THE legend. I…

Only For Geniuses

Okay so tonight it’s another soap box one, I may start tagging them actually… good call me! So Soap box out, up on top and away we go… Is it just me, or are there an inordinate number of “Only For Geniuses” posts floating about on Farcebook at the moment?

Happy 60th

Today was my Mother-in-laws 60th Birthday. Although we celebrated it in our own way, she never got to see it. You know the old saying: “Only the good die young”. I’m starting to think there’s something in that.