Hi, my name is Simon.

First and foremost I am a father of three amazing boys (all parents gush like this about their kids right?) and am a lover of music, especially Hip Hop, UK Garage and anything with a heavy thumping baseline.

Having said that I have a very wide range of music in my ever expanding collection, from Classical to Jazz, Dance to Rock, there really aren’t many musical styles I don’t have… except maybe Disco?

To me the best music is felt and not heard. Something that speaks to you in ways that say, Hey! Passion and soul went into making this. The style is kind of irrelevant after that.

I also have a bad habit of watching films into the early hours (even if they’re bloody awful), and own far too many DVD’s and Blurays.

  • Yes I’m old enough to still like having a physical copy.
  • Yes I know digital delivery is the future.
  • Yes I’m antiquated and I’m fine with that!

I used to do martial arts but these days I tend to get most of my fitness from the gym, the occasional bout of running or from simply dealing with me children and pets 😉

My family are my world and the main drive behind most things that I do.

This is really a personal blog covering… well probably whatever random thoughts pop into my head to be honest (although there are some older technical posts on here).

All are welcome to delve into the general strangeness that can be the inside of my head, but I’m afraid I cannot make guarantees for the state of your head in the aftermath :p

So… this is me 🙂

Come say hi!!

Why I write