Literacy: Some Fathers do have ’em

OK So just for a little background I have 3 sons.

Eldest Son is at the time of writing this (Jan 2013) 10 years old and off to High School next year.

He is one of the most imaginative kids I have ever known but unfortunately he is not keep on showing it at school (or in homework).

Middle Son (currently 6) is a real hard worker but could just do with a little boost in his school work.

So I decided that to help them both get on top of their literacy by letting them both loose on my blog… Yeah… I know.

So you will be able to find their posts here from now on:

Eldest Son

Middle Son

I hope you find their writing entertaining and who knows maybe one or both of them will get a bigger following than me… not difficult.

Enjoy 🙂


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