I So Miss My Boys

The house is so quiet, a¬†distinct lack of noise. The energy’s left here. I so miss my boys. The floors have no radiance, the walls sound hollow. No longer a home, just a house, full of sorrow.

Parenting 101.5: Teenage Time

There is a quantum anomaly that can and does manifest itself all across the world at various times. It’s something akin to the theory of general relativity, well a part of it obviously… Time does not pass at the same rate for everyone. A fast-moving observer measures time passing more slowly than a (relatively) stationary…

I’m Sorry Son

I’ve seen other posts like this but today I felt it was time to write my own. Dearest 8 year old, Son No 3… While your brothers may be older than you, they have at least had a long period of their lives where they were innocent. When they obsessed over Monsters Inc and were…

2 Down 1 To Go

So, today was emotional. It may sound silly but it was my middle son’s year 6 leavers assembly this morning, his final day at Primary school. There were bound to be tears from kids and parents alike, but having missed my eldest son’s, I didn’t quite grasp how emotionally charged it really would be. The…

Parenting 101.5: The Never Drying Bedclothes 

Ok so the kids and I got back a bit late from their Mum’s tonight after she very kindly made us all dinner and youngest went on first bike ride! I then realised to my horror that all their bedsheets and PJS were in the tumbledryer… still not dry. Aaaahhhb Crap!!