Play That Funky Music White Boy

It was recently our middle son’s 10th Birthday and following on from the Piano theme of my last post, we decided to also get him a musical instrument as we did his brother.

He already had a kids guitar, which, to be frank, was shocking, and he said he would like a proper one and he is learning the basics at school so my wife contacted a friend of hers and we bought an electric guitar from him along with an amp. Continue reading “Play That Funky Music White Boy”

miTunes Week 5 and 6

Hey peeps.

So things have been mad busy and I just didn’t have time last weekend to put together my previous weeks tunes so am doing both today in one big update aaaiiiigghhhtt!!

So its been a busy couple of weeks like I say including my wife Michelle’s 30th birthday so the tunes in this update will reflect a little of her musical stylings as well as mine.


Week 5: 5th Dec – 11th Dec 2011

First and foremost: my good friend AKD taking time to think things through.

Why is no one making stuff like this anymore?? REAL hip hop from the days gone by!!

“The spider man is having me for dinner tonight” – amazing track and creepy as hell video

Oh…My…God!! no description required just sit back, shut your eyes and enjoy!!

Week 6:12th Dec – 18th Dec 2011

The first of Michelle’s tracks listened to quite a bit in the car over her birthday weekend

One for the both of us: love these guys, don’t take themselves too seriously and make good tunes!!

Definitely me this one – a great remix by Bar9 and a kick ass video in every way 🙂

Another one for the both of us, from my favourite album of 2008!!

so two weeks in one hope you liked it 🙂

miTunes Week 2

14th to 20th Nov 2011

Long version short I’m copying an idea from a guy I follow on twitter to list my tunes for the week. I tried one tune a day on twitter a while back but it got too time consuming. Anyhow if you checked out last weeks selection you would already know that, if not, Hello!! thanks for popping by.

for your pleasure I present:

One of the few guys who can cover Stevie and make it WORK!!

Awesome dubstep remix and amazing dancer

possibly the catchiest tune ever?? maybe not but still awesome!!

My boy Mystro giving away some free hip hop Mutha Luvas!

As the top comment says: “GUITAR GOD”.