Keeping it in the Family

My Wife's Grandmother
My Wife’s Grandmother

It’s now been a week since we said goodbye to my Wife’s Grandmother.

She sadly passed aged 82 after spending a couple of months in the hospital and having been diagnosed with Lymphoma & Leukaemia.

The funeral was short but well suited and even I, who was not terribly close to her, shed a tear at her passing.

It’s strange though, as I found myself more upset for those around me than myself; My Wife and my children (especially son no 2) as he is 7 and having held out for 15 minutes finally succumbed to his emotions. Also My wife’s siblings and cousins who all had very different relationships with their Gran, yet were brought together in sorrow by this single event.

It is this sense of togetherness that I felt was the positive I could take away from the whole thing. Continue reading “Keeping it in the Family”