So Tired

So tired, yet still I’m awake My head wants sleep that my heart won’t take. Too many thoughts, worries and fears. So many memories, so many years. Nothing is certain, stability gone. Everything changing, whether right or wrong. Time is the enemy, another year past, surely the next not as bad as the last? Our…

I So Miss My Boys

The house is so quiet, a distinct lack of noise. The energy’s left here. I so miss my boys. The floors have no radiance, the walls sound hollow. No longer a home, just a house, full of sorrow.

How can it be

How can it be that you’re not here? The passing of another year. How can it be I wont see your face? No one to put us in our place. How can it be I wont hear you laugh? No guiding hand to show the right path. How can it be that I miss you…


We knew it was coming, yet still there’s a sting. The outcome was forecast, But now its happening. Reality sets in and truth must be met. The end of “us” my lowest point yet.


The hardest nights are the ones where you’re here, but then you leave. When we laugh and we joke and we speak and we shout and we argue and we smile. When I’m reminded what family feels like. Then you go and the life leaves the house.

Happy 60th

Today was my Mother-in-laws 60th Birthday. Although we celebrated it in our own way, she never got to see it. You know the old saying: “Only the good die young”. I’m starting to think there’s something in that.

Keeping it in the Family

It’s now been a week since we said goodbye to my Wife’s Grandmother. She sadly passed aged 82 after spending a couple of months in the hospital and having been diagnosed with Lymphoma & Leukaemia. The funeral was short but well suited and even I, who was not terribly close to her, shed a tear…