I saw this and just really liked it. I’ve known people who needed to hear this and never could… I really wish they had.

I Have A Low Haiku

Low doesn’t cut it. Everything seems like hard work. Im tired of hurting.

Bury it deep

Bury it deep where no one can see. Where darkness lurks and secrets be. Where pain is screaming and banging it’s head and anger is hiding waiting to be fed.


The feelings are overwhelming. Sadness, exhaustion, so tired. Tired of the past. Scared of the present. Unsure of the future. My emotions run riot. My thoughts joining them. Pushing them to breaking point. The things you don’t say ring loudly in my ears. The agreement we had worth nothing. All I want now is sleep….

I Hate This Me!

I hate this me. The lazy me. No not lazy even, just apathetic for no good reason. The sit on my ass me. The do nothing good me. Hell, the do nothing me!!