Haikus For Me

Where to start with this? With how I feel about you? I think you know that. You stir up my soul. Bring happiness to my life. You lift my spirits. Nothing can hurt me, when I have you by my side. So never leave me. I can face it all. You give me the strength…

Haikus For You

The more I see youThe more I want to see youThe time goes so fast I know life is hardEvery day you say youre fineBut I see through you Get rest when you canJust listen to your bodyLittle man needs you What ever you needWhat ever time you need itI’ll be here for you Just…

A Spoonful of Haiku Makes the Medicine go Down

Supercalifrag ilisticexpiali docious, sang Mary. Footnote: I have zero idea why this occured to me but it made me chuckle so… 😄 Additional Footnote: This is my 100th post… not sure it’s exactly the centennial post I had envisaged, but what the hell 😉

I Have A Low Haiku

Low doesn’t cut it. Everything seems like hard work. Im tired of hurting.