Play That Funky Music White Boy

It was recently our middle son’s 10th Birthday and following on from the Piano theme of my last post, we decided to also get him a musical instrument as we did his brother.

He already had a kids guitar, which, to be frank, was shocking, and he said he would like a proper one and he is learning the basics at school so my wife contacted a friend of hers and we bought an electric guitar from him along with an amp. Continue reading “Play That Funky Music White Boy”

miTunes Week 3

21st to 27th Nov 2011

OK hopefully you’re getting the idea of this by now – come on people its week three!! So I post a few videos which is stuff I’ve been listening to or reflects my mood etc for the week just gone. Shimples!!


ok so heads up for week 3 starting with…

Are you playing yourself?

Such talent in one so young – inspiring!!

Loving this guy – a fresh approach and a message in the lyrics

Just discovered these guys good MCs and a REAL DJ behind them too, nice.

actually prefer this more upbeat version to the album one but either way it’s a great track!!