I saw this and just really liked it. I’ve known people who needed to hear this and never could… I really wish they had.

I Hate This Me!

I hate this me. The lazy me. No not lazy even, just apathetic for no good reason. The sit on my ass me. The do nothing good me. Hell, the do nothing me!!

Memories of loss

I woke up this morning feeling fairly ok, but then I read something which made me into captain grumpy. I should explain that the content was not what upset me or made me grumpy. No, in fact it triggered a memory that I didn’t even realise I was recalling. A memory I didn’t consciously think…


Last night I caught a documentary on BBC3 about Suicide. It was a very personal documentary hosted (is that the right word?) by UK rapper Professor Green who lost his own father to Suicide. Not only was it very eye opening it was also very sensitively handled and in some ways inspiring. Suicide is the…