A Spoonful of Haiku Makes the Medicine go Down

Supercalifrag ilisticexpiali docious, sang Mary. Footnote: I have zero idea why this occured to me but it made me chuckle so… 😄 Additional Footnote: This is my 100th post… not sure it’s exactly the centennial post I had envisaged, but what the hell 😉

I Have A Low Haiku

Low doesn’t cut it. Everything seems like hard work. Im tired of hurting.


I’ve never felt so empty. The light inside me; gone. The wish to reignite it diminished. How did it all go wrong? Now there’s a piece missing. I don’t think I can get it back. Every time I break a little more. Expose yet another crack.

I So Miss My Boys

The house is so quiet, a distinct lack of noise. The energy’s left here. I so miss my boys. The floors have no radiance, the walls sound hollow. No longer a home, just a house, full of sorrow.

Bury it deep

Bury it deep where no one can see. Where darkness lurks and secrets be. Where pain is screaming and banging it’s head and anger is hiding waiting to be fed.

Who am I?

So, who am I? I mean truly? What the hell am I doing? Where does it lead, this path I always seem to be pursuing? Pressures pull from every side, always keeping me stressed. This is screwing me up, always just trying my best. Rarely good enough though, never really impressive, feels like all I…


The feelings are overwhelming. Sadness, exhaustion, so tired. Tired of the past. Scared of the present. Unsure of the future. My emotions run riot. My thoughts joining them. Pushing them to breaking point. The things you don’t say ring loudly in my ears. The agreement we had worth nothing. All I want now is sleep….

How can it be

How can it be that you’re not here? The passing of another year. How can it be I wont see your face? No one to put us in our place. How can it be I wont hear you laugh? No guiding hand to show the right path. How can it be that I miss you…