2016: a year to forget for many,
more and more people forced to keep pinching pennies.
People using food banks to keep their family fed,
hung heads, starving kids in their beds, if not dead.
And instead of helping more they make cuts to the poorest, to the needy,
let their fat cat friends stay greedy.
They can’t deceive me, they’ll screw us to the wall please believe me
and make sure you fight back even if it’s not easy.
Help a friend, give to those who can’t defend themselves or those they love
and be part of the solution let’s rise above.
Make a change, build community or volunteer,
and try to actually have a happy new year.

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Nothing to fear but fear itself… and death, there’s always death.

It’s not that I fear death,
it’s that I fear it will steal something precious from me.
It will steal my guide.
It will steal my shoulder.
It will steal our time, it should leave us be.
It will steal you before I really know you as I should.
Then again, I don’t think I’ll ever know you as I’d like.
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