Yellow Roses

Roses are yellow and history’s hell. Will it hurt less this year? There’s no way to tell, Till you get there, and realise, it’s always the same. It never really fades, you still feel the pain. Like that day you watched snow fall, and prayed for your son. You waited for an answer that would…

I Hate This Me!

I hate this me. The lazy me. No not lazy even, just apathetic for no good reason. The sit on my ass me. The do nothing good me. Hell, the do nothing me!!


We knew it was coming, yet still there’s a sting. The outcome was forecast, But now its happening. Reality sets in and truth must be met. The end of “us” my lowest point yet.


Don’t go to sleep Tomorrow lies there. Another day gone Another begun Life on repeat The same song plays The melody familiar The tempo steady. Don’t lay your head Distract your consciousness The wonders of the age In the palm of your hand Eyes dry but weeping Cant rest, won’t stop Prevent the execution The…

1 Minute at a Time

As I turn my back on the empty space where you used to be, sleep abandons me to the cold void. My body exhausted, my mind races with no finish line in sight. Time is my enemy and my saviour. Years fly by me in a heartbeat as truths unfold in the dark of night.


No anchor to hold me, no sails to drive me, no rudder to steer me. Cast off into a sea of emotion, unable to find my way, unable to plot my course.


What to say? Where to start? Feel my life being torn apart. Love is painful, but a pain I crave. A lifeblood I struggle to keep or save.


2016: a year to forget for many, more and more people forced to keep pinching pennies. People using food banks to keep their family fed, hung heads, starving kids in their beds, if not dead. And instead of helping more they make cuts to the poorest, to the needy, let their fat cat friends stay…


Sitting. Watching. Waiting. For what? For Energy. A void where it should be. Persuading myself to move. Failing without trying. So much to do.


Never been big, always been strong. Strong for friends, for loved ones, for family. Now that strength is failing. Failing for those I love, failing for me. So, so exhausted.